Five (5) tips to succeed a job interview

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Five (5) tips to succeed a job interview

If you are looking for a career change or would like to move to your dream job, the interview is the first hurdle. Here are some helpful hints to ace the job interview.

1. Speak with confidence. When you are confident, you can take control of the interview and impress the interviewers. Be polite and answer the questions. Don’t forget to smile!

2. Know your field. Study, read and know the latest trends, information about your field. This will not happen over-night. Acquire necessary certifications. This will not only make your resume look good, it will boost your confidence.

3. Be on-time, have copies of your resume, dress up in a suit (suit and polished shoes).

4. Do your homework. Learn about the company and interviewers (if you know who will be interviewing you ahead of time). Use resources like LinkedIn to search and read about interviewers, their skills and passions. Read about previous interviews. Glassdoor ( has reviews, salary information and interview details about most companies.

5. After the interview, send thank you notes/emails to the interviewers. Move on to the next interview. Don’t wait till you hear from them. It is always good to choose from number of offers rather than waiting for one company.

Good luck!

Author: Niluka Bamunuarachchige, ISTQB-CTAL Full, PMP, CSM, SSGB, ITIL, PCWA