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FAQs: ISTQB CTAL Test Manager Certification

Official syllabus for the ISTQB Test Manager certification can be found here:

Test Manager Practice Test can be purchased here:

Free ISTQB resources can be found here:
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What is ISTQB Test Manager Certification?

This is a Software Testing Certification for Software Testers and Test Managers. Certification is offered by ISTQB (International Software Certification Board) – www.istqb.org

ISTQB Advanced Level Test Manager Exam details:

– Test Manager Exam contains 65 multiple choice questions.
– Passing score is  75 out of 115 points.
– Exam questions can weight 1, 2 or 3 points.
– Examination length is 3 hours / 180 minutes (varies for non English speaking countries).
– Test Manager Examination is structured based on the syllabus and practical knowledge. It is important to understand the concepts described in the syllabus. You will be asked to apply the concepts in the syllabus to exam scenarios.

Exam entry requirements may be different for each country.

Please check the local ISTQB website for more details on exam locations, requirements and details.
Find your local ISTQB website here: