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Consulting Services – How can we help you with Software Testing?

With 25+ years of combined experience in financial, digital media, online collaboration, cloud security platforms and web accessibility testing, we can help you deliver a better product in time and on budget.

We provide comprehensive Software Test Services, from Testing and Selection of Tools, Process Evaluation to Coaching and Advising Testers.

About Us

  • Experienced in Financial, Digital Media, US government GSA contracts, Accessibility and Collaboration Platforms
  • Certified with 11 professional certifications including ASTQB CTAL-Full, PMP, CSM, SSGB, PCWA and Risk Management
  • Proven record of coaching budding and experienced testers through the certification process
  • Focus on start-ups and small businesses

Our Services

Evaluating Test Strategy

We can evaluate the current test focus and strategy identifying opportunities for synergies.

Additionally, we offer process improvement and risk assessment as part of our over-all test strategy evaluation.

Resource to your Test Team

Be a sounding board to your test team. Every now and then it pays to have a fresh set of eyes look at the test process.

We are available to discuss test strategy and execution from the very first step of a project to successful delivery.
Additionally, many of the regression tests can be automated and if used correctly – automation can be extremely valuable in your test process. We will help you to evaluate available tools for suitability and applicability.

Coaching and Credentials

We offer test preparation and coaching for testers at all stages of their careers. Currently we offer ISTQB foundation level and advanced level coaching.

These credentials add value to the employees while enhancing their understanding of the test process, and benefit the employer with having a more knowledgeable workforce.

Project and Risk Management

There is an increasing need to quantify risk and manage each and every project the most efficient way. With our varied experience in working with finance, media, online collaboration platforms, and US government, we are able to guide and help you to successfully mitigate risk and complete projects in time and on budget.

Our frank assessments will help your teams identify, evaluate and manage risks at every turn.

Contact us:

Please reach out to us and we are happy to discuss the details that suite your organization and needs: